How to take your bird home?

Bringing the bird home in a cage would make sense, but it is less stressing for the bird if you bring it home in a secure, darkened carrier. A cardboard box with some air holes in it is ideal for small birds. A plastic carrier the ones for used for cats and dogs, and covered with a towel is excellent for larger birds. Move the birds individually whenever possible.

For a journey of an hour or so, no food is needed. For a long haul, sprinkle some food on the floor of the carrier. Use firm, moist fruits to provide liquids. Never put the birds in the trunk of a car. Try not to stop too often.

Try to have the cage already set up at home. You can then put the new arrival into its new cage, and let it rest and get used to the new scenery. It is a good idea to isolate it from the rest of your pet birds. Two weeks is a fair time.

If you are buying a bird that will have to be air shipped, you will have to pay for a carrier and the airfreight. You may also pay have to pay, what is called a "crate" or "box" fee. Needless to say, you will then have to pick up the bird at the nearest airport.