Should you keep Plants in your Aquarium?

For the beginner, it is recommended to use plastic plants and other decorations. The cost of these decorations is very minimal. These are also the easiest decorations to maintain. A major plus point is that they can never die on you, or throw your pH off! Plastic plants and decorations will not directly harm your fish, however they will not contribute to the health of them either, with the exception of giving some of your fishes a good place to hide. Also some conditions do not allow the proper growth of live plants in the aquarium, and thus dictates the use of plastics.

Real plants are recommended for some of the more experienced fish keepers. The use of live plants can really make your aquarium look alive, as well as provide some much needed chemical balances and nutrients

There are three basic groups of plants: the tall broad leaf plants, small bushy type, and the floating plants.

  1. Tall broad leaf plants are best used in the sides and rear of the tank. Providing a good backdrop that will really help show off the color and variety of your fish.
  2. Small or the bunchy type plants look great scattered here and there in the front of the tank, even attached to rocks gives that true lived in look.
  3. The floating plants are not a particular favorite of mine, but they are great when you are breeding your fish. Thus allowing a great hiding place for your fry.