Why your fishes keep Dying?

Well, there really is no one answer for this question, but most commonly, even though we hate to admit it is human error.

Mostly it has something to do with diet or environment, either too much or too little food, bad water or bad tank mates. Sometimes it is disease or even a "bad" fish recently purchased from a fish store. The only one true rule you can go by is that fish die, and no matter what you do, you cannot change that. However you can help your aquatic pets to live healthy and a long life with a little bit of care and attention.

Top Nine Reasons Why Your Fish Die

  1. Overfeeding: When you overfeed, not only do your fish get fat and lazy but the excess food breaks down and decays, thus polluting your water.
  2. Temperature: Temperature is the main cause, which kills your fishes. Tropical fish require water temperature to be between 72 deg F. and 84 deg. F. The basic range lies between 76-78 deg F.
  3. pH: Improper pH value of the aquarium water can kill your fishes in minutes. A pH value test kit is a necessity for every aquarium. Most tropical fishes require a pH value of about 7.0 to 7.2. But there are exceptions and some fish thrive in higher or lower pH values.
  4. Water Quality: Ammonia, nitrates among other chemicals can get too high and poison your fish.
  5. Wrong mix of Fish: This is pretty easy to spot. You know that you have a wrong mix of fishes when you notice either missing fish or nipped fins or scales. Some fish in the tank is definitely not getting along with another fish. Either move that one to another tank, return it to the fish store (if you can) or just discard it.
  6. Disease: All the above can lead to a weakened immune system, leading to internal and/or external parasites.
  7. Contamination: Contamination of water from chemical residue (i.e. soaps, grease, etc.) from objects entering the tank like hands or dirty decorations.
  8. Old Age: It is possible, that the fish just simply was at the end of its life cycle.
  9. Accidents: Many times a fish jumps out of an open tank, or swims headfirst into the wall knocking itself out and drowning.